RMS Titanic Party - Invitations and Materials

Considering having a titanic party? I recently had one, complete with band, poker, food, the works, and I sent each invited guest a boarding pass with a real passenger’s name, along with information about that passenger. As guests arrived we furnished an information sheet on their passenger that was sealed. At a specified time, we announced that they should open their information sheet and learn whether each person had lived or died, and whether their body was recovered, as well as well as other information on their passenger, including information on their family, where they boarded, what they did for a living, what class they traveled in, where they were going, who was with them, etc.

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It was a blast. Many folks dressed in period clothes. See the pictures from my event here at the site. We had over 300 attendees.

Click here to see a special report by CBS 11 on my Titanic Party.

On The Road: 100 Years Since Titanic Sank By Mike Kinney, CBS 11 News

In order to do this, I had to enter the passenger information into an excel data base, and the printer then merged that information onto the customized boarding passes. I was unable to find or purchase this information on line in a form I could use.

I can help you with your Titanic party planning. Though my assistant spent 3 weeks entering all the data, and gathering and saving the profiles on each guest, I can offer it to you for a fraction of the cost, as well as the art for your printer on boarding pass, and my invitation which will give you ideas for events, or you can modify it and use to save on art costs. .

Each Titanic Party Kit Includes

The price for the entire package is $200.00, delivered by email. I am not in the party business, I am just a person that went to extreme measures and cost to have a great Titanic party, and can now share this material with you, hoping to defray a small portion of my cost. I wish I could have bought this Titanic event planning material instead of having to gather it all.

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Please email my assistant if you have questions, or simply purchase and receive the download link for all materials. You can contact us at 5940 Eden, Ft Worth TX, 76117, or call 817-834-3625 ext. 232.